A Moment In The Sun

Every once in a while fortune smiles upon me. Such was the case today, when a very lovely woman flew with us to the Dominican Republic. My flying partner recognized her immediately as the former Miss Puerto Rico, and we enjoyed a few minutes chatting with her. As it turns out, she now her has master’s degree in finance and works for one of the largest banks in Puerto Rico. She still does a bit of the glam thing, hosting a TV show in the DR. It was truly a pleasure meeting such a bright, articulate, and yes, very attractive young woman. Those green eyes were amazing…

Miss Puerto Rico!

OK, so I’m 5’9″ and I look SHORT in this photo. Please forgive me for polluting an otherwise lovely picture – I really do try to keep my cameos to a minimum.

~ by John on January 26, 2008.

One Response to “A Moment In The Sun”

  1. I would like to mention that these picture of my country PR are quite vivid and gorgeous! Ive been using them as my inspiration for a sleeve that im getting drawn to get tattooed soon. The real reason i commented though is because if Im not mistaken those wings are wrapped around a bomb? Correct me if im wrong.

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