Danny and Little Danny


Last week you may recall my mentioning a photo shoot in Puerto Rico. Well, my client was kind enough to allow me to share a few of the shots from that session – thank you Danny! Danny and his 8 month old son Little Danny have a very close bond, and shooting these photos was truly a pleasure.

These shots were taken with my D300 and a 50mm ( f1.8 ) lens in natural light at Danny’s home in the mountains of Puerto Rico. The drive to Danny’s house was hair raising, which will be no surprise to those of you who drive in the mountains. In fact, I have met a number of people who flat out refuse to drive up there at all!


I think this is my favorite from the shoot. It was a great moment to witness.

See me?

I loved seeing father and son interact, and the lens seemed to pick it all up very well.


Did someone say dinner is ready?


Mom looks on as we play around and have fun.

Keys Please...

Next Little Danny will be asking for the car keys.


Nothing beats hanging out with Dad!

I’d like to thank Danny and his lovely wife for their gracious hospitality and for the opportunity to capture their young son in images that will please them for a long time. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and I learned a great deal from the experience.

I’ll be doing another shoot with these three in Condado very soon using a beach theme, so stay tuned for more portraits from the Caribbean.


~ by JG on April 28, 2008.

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  1. my brotha from anotha motha :DD

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