The Condado Series: Crustacean

Shot on location in Condado, Puerto Rico.

I grabbed this shot after parting ways with my friend Eric in Condado. We’d been out for a walk (which, for me, means photowalk!) and Eric had to split for a couple of errands, so I walked down to Ocean Park and strolled along the ocean side rocks. This bit of red caught my eye down below, but there is a railing which indicates that rock combing is a bad idea. There is also a heavy police presence in the park, keeping an eye on tourists and locals alike.

Well, I wanted the shot. So I waited for a few minutes taking innocent pictures of the pretty water and watching for a break in the nearest officer’s constant gaze. Finally, he took out a cell phone and appeared to be texting someone, so I hopped over the railing.

I figured that I had maybe 3 or 4 minutes before he noticed that I was no longer in sight and ambled over to see where I’d gotten to. So I whipped the D300 into action and snapped about 10 frames from a couple of angles and zooms. Sure enough, a couple minutes later I was being hailed from the railing 30 feet above. Busted!

A quick apology to the officer in spanish, along with a compliment on his vigilance in such a busy area, and I was on my way.

The Good Lord watches over idiots and small children, it seems.

Crop: Fibonacci Spiral.


~ by JG on January 7, 2010.

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