La Princesa – An Assortment of Photos

This post contains an assortment of photos taken primarily in Old San Juan this week. There is no particular focus or topic – just a splash of pics that depict various things around the Old City. This one is a favorite of mine; I love the colors and textures of various buildings throughout the islands.

This shot could be from almost anywhere, but it’s from the facade of a bank building in Old San Juan. There is an interesting mix of architectural styles, ranging from classical to modern. Every corner is filled with history, providing plenty of eye candy and brain food for the adventurer.

San Cristobal at sunset. Lots of great light in this one.

Along the top of the city walls in Old San Juan. I wonder what this looked like 200 years ago…

A streetlight in front of La Princesa, which was once the most feared prison in all of the Caribbean. These days it houses the Puerto Rico Tourism office.

Here is a daytime shot of the fountain at La Princesa. Those of you who have been follownig this journal from the beginning will recall this fountain from my collection of night shots in Old San Juan.

Here’s another aspect of the fountain at La Princesa. The fountain itself is a wonderful representaiton of the history of Puerto Rico from an artistic point of view.

Some flowers near the fountain caught my eye. As usual, I have no idea what plant this is. If you DO know, please post a comment!

I must have taken about 30 shots of the water looking west from the fountain. I tried everything I could think of to capture the beautiful sparkling waters and dynamic sky, but I sorta failed. This was the best shot I could make, and it really doesn’t capture the scene, sadly.

A passing frigate bird, in the middle of a molt, came close enough to get a quick shot. These birds have a large wingspan – I’m guessing 5 feet or more.

The southwestern end of El Morro is featured in this shot. There is a walkway under the turret which follows the outside wall all the way around the fort. It’s a great walk, with lots of sea and spray – not to mention the dozens of feral cats which roam the rocks and control the rat population.

I caught Brenna in a moment of zen as she looked out over the bay and San Juan Harbor. Moments later I was growled at when she realized I was taking photos which included her.

The next few shots, including this one, were taken by Brenna using my D300. She has a great eye and an interest in photography…

A great frame by Brenna. There is just enough of a soft focus to make this photo something other than the usual flower shot.

Of course, she can also shoot crisp and clear images as well. This tree is rather well known – you can find it along the Ave. La Princesa.

Here’s one from the pubic gardens outside of the fortress walls.

Brenna did a bit of street photography while we wandered around. Good stuff!

We decided to take a horse drawn carriage around the outside of the Old City. Our young groom was a wealth of dates and happenings as we passed the various landmarks along cobblestone streets.

Our view from the back seat.

The last photo in this mashup – the French Navy was in port, which drew a number of comments from passers-by. We didn’t spot any french sailors – itlooked as though the ship was getting ready to make way, judging by the activity on the dock.


~ by JG on June 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “La Princesa – An Assortment of Photos”

  1. Beautiful shots (as always). But it’s been a while since you’ve added an update. I guess that the cancellation of AA891 has wreaked havoc on your schedule. I look forward to your pictures and accompanying commentary (which I share with as many as possible!)
    Be well! and regards to “The Girl”.

  2. Hey ! I wanted to thank u for the work you have done .I am a Boricua living in CT. for the last 8 years.I miss my beautiful island a lot,i know i will be back soon.I hope one day we no longer be colony but a independent state.What city are you
    living in ? How is that spanish ? In Puerto Rico you find people who speak read & write english because we have english class since the first grade but here in US when you talk about spanish class in school is a big issue.Must of our latino who grow up here dont read or write spanish just because is a racial conflict in and out of the Department of Education.Here you have a new friend so if
    you want dont hesitate asking any questions you might have about the island .

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