Breakfast in St. Lucia

OK, so flying around the islands is hard work. No, really, it is. 13 hour days and 9 hour rest periods will wear out even the hardiest seafarer. Every once in a while, though, we get to stop and smell the roses – if only for a few minutes. Such is the case with our St. Lucia overnight.

Early risers are treated to the morning’s early light, the smell of fresh coffee brewing, and an invitation to whatever breakfast dish one’s heart desires. I decided to put this to the test, ordering eggs benedict. Since the island has a partially French heritage, I hoped for a hollandaise sauce with that perfect balance of butter and lemon. I wasn’t disappointed.

Oh yes, come to Papa!

The sauce was quite good, but what made the dish pop was the local ham. Chickens, pigs, and goats are common in the islands and particular pride is taken in preparation. This ham was not smoked, as I am accustomed to in Virginia. Instead, it had a slightly herbal flavor reminiscent of pancetta. Awesome stuff!

Storm rolling in at breakfast

This is the view from where breakfast is served. The restaurant is open, with no windows or screen. This seems to be common in the islands and it adds a freshness to the table, I find. As I finished breakfast with my crew, a shower rolled in to the harbor and the sky went grey-blue for a few minutes. The rain was, well, tropical – but short lived.

Some Tail

Later on at the field, I scored a decent picture of our tail in the dawn. Sometimes with photography you just get lucky, as in this case, but I hope to get better with my cameras so that high quality photos are more common.


~ by JG on January 11, 2008.

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