Dawn In Tortola

Dawn At Hodges Creek

Looking out from my hotel room balcony, this was the view at sunrise. Our overnight in Tortola is very short – in fact it is the shortest rest period allowed by federal law. This doesn’t allow for much sightseeing, since we arrive at 10:30 pm and depart at 7:00 am.

Even so, there is a BBQ joint down the street called ‘Fat Hog Bob’s’ which has become a must-see while in Tortola. It’s a funky kind of place with low lighting  that attracts locals and touristas alike. We go for the burgers and ribs. After a long day of flying, nothing satisfies like a rack of steaming ribs or a monster 1 pound burger from Bob’s. It’s worth the reduction in sleep time for us, so the place MUST be good, right?


~ by JG on January 19, 2008.

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