N 39 W 77

Winter Barn

Today I managed to get outside for a spell with my daughter to take some shots with the new camera. One of my favorite barns is pretty near the house, so this seemed as good a place as any. With mild temperatures for this time of year, it was very pleasant walking around on the winter grass. This particular homestead was donated to the town by a well-to-do family many years ago, and the entire property has been opened as a public park.

Tree Sitting

If only there had been a little light on this squirrel. Once, just once in my life, I’d like to get that killer wildlife shot: crystal clear focus, vibrant colors, perfect light and an animal looking its very best. A National Geographic shot, if you will. Maybe someday…

Barn Door

Nice light on the barn door. I think I’ll be able to score some very nice textures with this camera for Second Life. Almost anyone can make pretty prims; the real magic is in custom textures and scripting.

Caught In The Act

One of the nice things about having a digital camera with lots of pixels is that zooming in to a frame leaves you with decent resolution when cropping. I’m not sure that this cropped shot would stand up to anything more than 4 x 6 prints, but it’s cool to be able to zoom in and count hairs, know what I mean, Verne?

Hot Food

A local landmark. This place isn’t open in the winter, but during summer they serve burgers, fries, and shakes from a teeny, tiny booth. This serves as a warning to those who salivate easily – there be food porno ahead! Well, just a little. One shot. Hardly worth mentioning, really. *cough* Radar!

Even this looks good!

More proof that this camera just doesn’t allow bad shots. This is the most mundane composition ever, and, well, it just looks good! I was messing around with aperture priority and different ISO settings while waiting for some pizza. Speaking of which…

Pizza For Radar

Well, would ya look at that! Some wood-fired pizza loaded up with nitrite-free meats and organic cheese. I’m still working on my eye for depth of field, and while this shot is sorta better, it’s still too tight. But I’m getting there. The pizza was awesome, by the way. And the young lady sitting across from me is always excellent company.

Tomorrow: Color Guard Competition in Maryland. And yes, friends, I will be heading back to the islands soon. I promise. Seriously. And have some really great stuff planned…


~ by JG on February 8, 2008.

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