El Mercado Dominicana

Fresh as it gets…

This morning broke with tropical rains, which, of course, led to late sleeping. After a breakfast of queso blanco, toast, mountain coffee and orange juice, we decided to check out a Dominican open air market across town. As a reference, the Dominican Republic shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, where Haiti occupies the western third of the island and the Dominican Republic has the other two-thirds. There is a vibrant Dominican population in Puerto Rico – there are pockets of Dominican culture everywhere and I have enjoyed meeting many Dominicans in the course of flying back and forth to the DR.

Our reason for going to the market was to score about a dozen eggplants. There were several fruit and vegetable stands in the market, but we liked this one the best. The goods were fresh and ripe, and I was in culinary heaven as we picked through the offerings on display.

An eggplant or two!

This very attractive young woman appears to be buying some eggplant from the Dominican vendor. She bears a striking resemblance to my girlfriend… in fact, I am reasonably sure that this is her because I recognize the purse. It has my cell phone inside.

Ripe Plantain

Ripe plantains and bananas hang above carrots and ginger. If you want to buy plantains the man hands you a small machete and you chop off the ones that you want. Its a fun way to shop – I wish we had machetes in our grocery stores back home.

Our Dominican Whole Foods Grocer

This is our Dominican friend, who was actually very happy that I was taking shots of his stand. My spanish is still very poor, so I wasn’t able to speak with him very much, but I was flattered when he thanked me and offered a few oranges in the trade.

More green plantains

Believe me, we were living large after we got home with our goods. This stuff was truly awesome.


Fresh sugarcane and a pile of fruit, some of which I’m unfamiliar with. We had an awesome time here, and I look forward to going back. Those oranges were really good, and I have a few photos to drop off to my produce man.


~ by JG on February 17, 2008.

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