Lasagna: El Camino Para Adorar

Oh Yes, That’s What I’m Talking About!

OK, so I have to defend my honor. You see, while I was speaking with some friends a while back someone mentioned that they make the best lasagna in the known universe. This declaration was make loudly and publicly, and a gauntlet was thrown down. As it so happened, a bunch of us were eating lunch in between flights in San Juan when this declaration was made, and I was sharing my chicken enchiladas, arroz con gandules and fresh avocado. It seems that a few in the crowd could not believe that a ‘gringo’ was making some traditional foods from scratch (and doing them as well as their own family members.) This led to a couple of unsolicited offers of marriage, which, for those of you who know me well, is like music to my ears!

I really don’t know how lasagna figured into the discussion, but one person became very animated and insisted that her’s was the best. Better than mine, even.

Before I knew it, there was a party organized and everyone converged a couple of weeks later at the home of the lasagna chef. I was there, and I ate the lasagna with an open mind. It was, indeed, very, very good. Much better than most. Excellent, even. And I said so quite emphatically.

But alas, there is only room for one universally adored lasagna…

After a reprieve of a few weeks, this weekend we all get to sample my offering. My lasagna takes two days to make; it includes lamb sausage, fresh basil, four kinds of cheese, my own basil pesto, three varieties of sweet pepper, and my home-made marinara. Oh yes… this is the mother of all lasagnas and I have the blue ribbons to prove it! Anytime you gather friends and family around the kitchen with a glass of wine and the smells of home cooking rising from the oven, you’re in for a good time.

What if I lose, you ask? Well, I’ve already won, you see. You already know who the challenging chef is, from the title of this post. She makes our lasagna contest a winner no matter how you slice it 😉


~ by JG on February 23, 2008.

One Response to “Lasagna: El Camino Para Adorar”

  1. As a note of interest: this post now appears on page 6 of Google’s listings for ‘lasagna’! If you’re visiting my blog as the result of a Google search, please feel free to take a look around. This blog is about my travels in the Caribbean as a professional flight attendant and it is filled with stories and photographs from the islands.

    Sadly, my lasagna recipe can’t be had at any price, but I can say with authority that if you make it with love, it can’t help but be the best lasagna ever.


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