What About the Girl?

It has been pointed out that I haven’t posted very many shots of my girlfriend, and some folks (*ahem* Josie *ahem*) think that I don’t want to show her pictures for some reason.

This is a false assumption.

As anyone who has been married for a while can tell you, there are (from time to time) fundamental differences in the way any two people see the world. And these differences can lead to spirited debates. Spirited, I say. A polite euphemism, to be sure.

Since everyone thinks that they are ugly in photographs (myself included), selecting which shots to print is a tricky business sometimes. So without further adieu, here are (respectively) Mary’s and my choices for best photo from a very quick shoot in bad lighting and not enough time for me to correct it (we did these in 5 minutes before heading off to someplace else.) So for those of you looking for photographic excellence, these shots ain’t it.

Mary’s Choice

I think Mary likes this one because it is polite, pleasant, and quaint. But I’m not entirely sure, and in a future post I’ll let her explain her whims and fancies in more detail. As previously explained, the light was way off and I am still learning the camera, so she is underexposed.

My Choice

Now THIS is my choice.

And not just because it was taken several shots later as I was starting to zero in on the right camera and flash settings. No, I like this one because its really the way Mary is a lot of the time when we’re together. I mean, given a choice, which woman would you want to spend more time with? I’ll take the second photo without fail.

And so, Josie, and dear readers, hopefully this will quell the grumbling about girlfriend shots for a while. In the meantime, I’ll study up on indoor lighting under pressure and see if I can’t make some decent images of Mary that everyone will be happy with.


~ by JG on February 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “What About the Girl?”

  1. Knowing you just a little bit as I do, it’s no surprise that you’ve found yourself with someone else who likes to laugh and enjoy life. Thanks to both of you for sharing the fun. 🙂

  2. Many virtues has she, and why she’s hanging around with me is anyone’s guess. Thank you for the comments, sir: feedback is like food from the gods.


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