For the Birds!

The Manor

Since the cherry blossom post was such a hit, I thought I’d share a few more photos from where I reside in Virginia, being that it is springtime and there are so many beautiful things to see here. We are very fortunate to have had, in our town, a very wealthy family which decided to bequeath their estate to the Audubon Society. The former estate is now a nature preserve, albeit a relatively small one, which supports an old hardwood forest, a pine forest, a spring fed pond, and a very large meadow. The grounds are fantastic, and the number of birds which transit the preserve throughout the year is impressive. I’m not a bird guy, so I’ll refrain from even trying to identify the subjects of my photos – if you are a confident birder, then please, share your knowledge with us!


This fella was playing peekaboo with me, darting all around and peeking out when I wasn’t looking.


The feeders around the manor were attracting several species, all of whom were sharing the perches.


This hawk was about 120 yards off, enjoying a rodent from the nearby field. This shot was handheld, and frankly I am shocked that it came out with ANY clarity. The bird was just a dot in the lens. After a couple of minutes, another hawk (a mate?) came by and squawked enough to make this one take flight with the mouse dangling.

Cleared for Landing!

OK, I said I wasn’t going to try identifying the birds, but this one seems to look like a goldfinch. The next few frames were shot with a 70-200mm zoom (f2.8), which produces some very nice, crisp shots… even at 200mm.

Alllmost Theeere!

Almost there! Looks like the Missus was already enjoying an afternoon snack.

Isn\'t love grand?

Isn’t love a beautiful thing?

Meanwhile, on the gorund...

Meanwhile, on the ground, some LBB’s (little brown birds) were busy foraging in the grass. This one was quite pretty, I thought.

I\'m a bird....

OK, this isn’t a bird, but Ms. Squirrel sure acted like one! I had a lot of fun shooting this series of photos – it was a departure from my usual shots of people and places. Hey, if you’ve got a camera, get out there and get some shots of your local wildlife. I promise, you won’t regret it!


~ by JG on April 15, 2008.

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